Visa and Passports

A valid passport is required for all international travel.

There is not one answer to this question. The passport you are travelling on and the destination you are visiting is of vital importance in every instance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport and a correct Visa for your destination. Please visit the services of the applicable Consulate or an accredited visa service. NB if you do not have the correct documentation to travel you may be denied boarding at the airport.

Generally, the rule is that you have at least six months validity on your passport from the date of your return to your home country.

For Canada go here. For the USA, go here. If you do not qualify for an electronic Visa, you will need to contact the consulate for advice. Even if you are only transitting The USA or Canada, you are required to have a visa. Most people can apply for an online Visa/ESTA please apply at least 7 days prior to travel date. NO SAME DAY ESTA APPLICATIONS ARE PERMITTED.

Please email our Customer Care Team with your BYO booking number and the details of your new passport (number, nationality, date of birth, expiry date, full name) and we will update your booking.