Blue Ribbon Bags protection is non-refundable once purchased. See Blue Ribbon Bags for more specific information.

This can vary widely between airlines. Refer to the airline's website for full details.

Login to the airline website and "manage my booking" and add extra baggage there, if that option exists. If you have issues doing this online, please email our Customer Care team. Additional baggage costs extra, and this varies between airlines and destinations.

Your baggage allowance on each flight will be shown during the booking process. Please do not assume that all airlines on your itinerary have the same allowance.

Children's fares have the same baggage allowance as adult fares. Generally, infants have different allowances or no checked baggage. Please consult the airline website for comprehensive information on child and infant allowances.

Most airlines offer a weight allowance (eg 23kgs), but some have a piece (PC) system. The weight of each "piece" varies amongst airlines, so please consult the airline website for confirmation.

When you select a flight option and enter your name details, the baggage allowance is shown at the right-hand side. When you confirm your name (remember - as per your passport), the next page also has this information.