At the Airport

Although uncommon, this may happen for a variety of reasons. Should this occur please contact our Customer Care Team and they will be able to assist you further. This commonly occurs when a traveller does not have the correct visa or documentation for the destination they are travelling to, or their passport has expired or does not have sufficient validity in it for the destination they are travelling to.

Please call our Customer Care Team immediately for assistance. If you arrive late for your flight generally, your ticket may be lost as the airline may regard you as a 'No-Show' and your ticket may be forfeited. If you arrive late for your flight, and the airline has a later option, you should go to their service desk and see if they can help you.

Should this occur please go to the airline service desk immediately. Ensure that you have your bag tags received at the time of check-in or baggage drop-off to provide the service desk as proof. Any insurance you have purchased may also help.

Although not common, flights do get cancelled for a number of reasons. Mostly these are for the safety of passengers. The airline is responsible for your passage. They will rebook you on the next available flight or may even book you on an alternate airline if that is more suitable. Flight cancellations are always difficult to manage and resolution can take airline staff some time.

If your ticket covers all flights, the delaying airline is responsible for arranging your onward passage and sometimes accommodation if the delay is lengthy. You need to ask at their service desk and let them know so they can start to resolve your dilemma. If, however, you have separate tickets, you need to call our Customer Care Team urgently, so they can advise your options. Unfortunately, the onward airline does not have any responsibility for the delayed airline and will charge fees to make any changes required.

Your travel insurance may cover the cost of cancellation or any additional expenses you may incur. Some airlines may permit free of charge rebooking of flights to new dates, or in the event that you are unable to make alternate arrangements, there may be the opportunity to cancel.

The airline no-show policy is that if you miss a flight on your ticket, all onward flights will be cancelled without notice. You will be unable to use the rest of your ticket. Some airlines may re-instate the ticket for a fee if they are the only airline on the ticket. These fees can be very high. It is a good idea to have travel insurance as customers may be able to claim a loss, in the event of unforeseen circumstances.