Special Requests

During the booking process, there is the opportunity to add a special assistance request to your booking. Should you require for this to be added post booking please send a request through to our Customer Care Team. Some airlines may require supporting documentation for special requests.

We offer customers the opportunity to do seat selection after paying for the airfares. The cost varies on the type of seat selected. Seat selection is offered after payment for the airfare is made, this is a separate charge.

Basic meal types can be requested within in the booking flow. Should you require a more specialised meal please request this via managing your booking on the airline's website. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Care Team to undertake the request on your behalf. Please note that meal requests are never guaranteed and do vary between airlines.

Generally, you are able to request a generic aisle or window seat.  This is airline and airfare dependant.  Please email our Customer Care team by webform with your request.
You generally cannot request a specific seat  (e.g. 23A ) but you may be able to do that directly on the airline website under their manage booking portal. You will need your airline reference from your E-Ticket, fees may apply.

Children meals can be requested for travellers aged between two and 12 years of age. You can also request a baby or infant meal, but we strongly recommend that you take suitable food for babys and infants as the offering on airlines is limited. Email our Customer Care Team to add these requests to your booking.

Please contact the airline directly for all details.

You should always have a prescription for any medicines, hypodermic needles, inhalers etc that you require whilst you are on your journey, and keep them with your medications. The volume of your medication needs to comply with carry-on baggage allowances. Some common over the counter medications may not be allowed in certain countries. You should consult the customs and immigration websites of countries you are visiting.

You can request this during the booking process or our Customer Care Team can request wheelchair assistance for travellers that require this service. Please advise the reasons for the request when you email us. You may have to supply some documentation to support the request.