Generally, it is possible to make date changes to your booking. Please complete the online email request form and our Customer Care Team will contact you to advise what options may be available to you with any applicable costs. Please note, generally, airlines do charge fees to make changes plus the BYOjet processing fee.

This is dependant on the airline and the fare purchased. Please complete the online change request form and our Customer Care Team will provide you with a change quote or further options on the changes you wish to make.

Generally, airlines do not allow for tickets to be transferred to another individual.

Please provide all updated details to our Customer Care Team by email and we can update your profile. We do ask for an email to protect you and remain compliant with our Privacy Policy.

Do not email if you realise the error on the same day as you made the booking. Please phone the Customer Care team immediately. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7. If you discover the error on another day and your travel is more than 4 days away, please email via the webform on the site, advising the details that need to be corrected. Please note that fees apply for making name corrections and date changes as per our T&Cs.

Should a schedule change (this is when an airline has a change from their original flight details) occur you will be notified of this and provided with alternate flight options. If you are travelling within 96 hours please be sure to contact our Customer Care team for updated information to avoid problems at the airport.

The traveller or a member of the travelling party is able to change a booking. Persons who are not part of the travelling party are unable to change bookings or make enquiries about the booking.* Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

*In the event of a serious incident where the traveller is incapacitated, we will require written evidence of same prior to considering allowing a third party to access the booking.